What Is Pay Per Head

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What is Pay Per Head?

For a convenient price the Pay Per Head Companies offer all the infrastructure you need. The bookies now can have access to the best betting software needed to place bets over the phone, from a computer, or even on the go from a mobile application.

Nowadays bookies no longer have to do everything themselves. Bookmakers have the benefit that the industry has evolved and that Pay Per Head Services now offer to run all the tedious side of the business for them.

Bookies no longer have to post lines, write the bets over the phone or grade the games. With Pay Per Head Services the bookies now basically can focus on recruiting clients and collecting the money they win without exposing themselves to legal action or persecution from law enforcement.

Bookies can now get real time reports on player activities, monitor all the gambling activities, sets limits and even offer clients additional options like casino games, horse racing betting software and online poker games, which can be accessed anywhere 24/7 during all 365 days of the year.

Pay per Head services offer call centers that allow your clients to bet over the phone and have access to English speaking customer services representatives. Our friendly staff will help both the players and the agents with any issue that may arise.

With Pay Per Head Services a bookie can now monitor practically every side of the operation from any mobile internet device (ranging from a smartphone to a tablet) or any kind of computer.

So take a look at our Pay Per Hear Solutions and ask about our tools and services that are available from anywhere in the world.

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