Sportsbook Software

“When you’re riding, only the race in which you’re riding is important.�? Bill Shoemaker


Our sportsbook software gives bookies everywhere the tools to offer any type of event regardless of the betting market. All major sports around the globe will be available to your players.

With a single platform that requires no additional downloads your clients have at their disposal the possibilities to bet on NFL or college football, Major League baseball, NBA basketball NHL hockey and more. Not only major American Sports are available as your clients will have the option to bet on the major European Soccer competitions, golf, car racing, boxing, MMA, among others.

Our friendly sportsbook software also allows the bookies to manage clients and view all their betting activities with our bet ticker. Bookies receive notifications of important bets with the Big Bet Alert and manage their own lines.

You have everything at your fingertips: from customized reports to the tools to manage your own players and check any open bets. Our software withstands all the demands of the modern sportsbook industry.

Our turnkey solutions let you decide what bets exactly you will offer to your players as well as what the limits and payouts will be.

We will be available to help you around the clock with all your betting clients, regardless of how many of them play, because we will only charge you for the ones that play.

Host PPH will not only offer the best sportsbook software, but also make sure you have no downtime that will cause you to lose players and provide the best service to help you make money every single day of the year.

Our risk management team will be there for you 24/7 tracking the performance of your clients’ bets and checking if any of their tendencies is making you lose money and report it back to you. With our sportsbook software, you will have the option to tweak the lines from anywhere and stop the losses on the spot!

Some of our betting options:

  • Nascar and Formula 1 Racing
  • MLB and College Baseball
  • NBA, WNBA and College Basketball
  • Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)
  • Entertainment
  • NFL and college Football
  • PGA Golf
  • NHL and College Hockey
  • Olympics
  • Politics
  • World and European Soccer
  • ATP and WTA Tennis

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