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Host pay per head goes all-out to ensure that both agents and players receive the best service and value possible in the industry. To do that we offer the following services that will give you the most for your money.

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Agent & Player Set Up

Regardless of how many players you have or the different customizations that you need for the profile of your players the Host PPH customer support team will swiftly have you up and running. Our all-English speaking support staff is experienced and ready to face any task.

Turnkey PPH Gaming Solutions

When you confirm your account, you can start giving your players access to the betting system. You do not have to setup or do anything at all. It is fast, simple and it works like a charm.

Host pay per head provides bookmakers with turnkey price per head gaming solutions that are ready to use once you confirm your account. You do not need to download, install or setup any additional software. Our easy-to-use interface gives you access to the Sportsbook, horseracing and online casino services from any device.

State–of–The–Art Call Center

If your clients can’t access a game online don’t worry or simply prefer to use the phone, Host PPH has your back with a state-of the-art call center that will make sure your business stays open and accessible. The players will always be able to reach the wagering lines and conduct online transactions.

True Redundancy

Our day-to-day operations follow a fully redundant back–up strategy. We continuously and automatically back up all our data, use multiple servers to handle heavy traffic and leading edge technology hardware. Our database management routine involves a constant traffic monitoring, software upgrade testing and second level disaster prevention among others.

Our telephone and internet connections include backups for our backups and our servers are configured to avoid and, if necessary, survive any Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

Our building includes UPS (uninterruptible power systems), generators, completely redundant phone systems, core network routers, separate Internet providers with multiple international connections and extra capacity.

Digital Wager Recording

If you’re an agent tired of dealing with players that constantly claim that the wagers were entered incorrectly and thus should be cancelled then Host PPH is the company for you.

We use the latest digital software that will record all incoming and outgoing calls, providing you with an instant archive that is available on demand and ready to assist agents resolve any dispute that may arise.

All online bets (sportsbook, horseracing and casino) are digitally time stamped and matched with phone extensions and/or IP address location and include complete hand histories.

All our customer service and professional wagering staff speaks English and is trained to handle any player dispute. Our goal is to help you avoid those clients that give you headaches and assist you to come out a winner whenever a conflict arises.

We know how important security is, that’s why your digital and voice records are encrypted and 100% confidential, available only to the master agents after they provide both the username and password of the account.

Mobile Betting

Host PPH’s mobile betting application provides bookies an interface that is easy to use from any device. The instant access, quick loading times and big displays make it easy to stay connected to keep the players gambling and the bookies informed.

As long as you have an internet connection, our superior application will provide bookmaking agents the latest in mobile technology and the best features without any additional downloads. Your clients will be able to place bets from anywhere using our sportsbook, horsebook or casino apps.

Thanks to the flexible access that our software provides bookies will not only see an increase in the number of bets coming in, but also they will be able to offer their clients a more diverse selection of bets that include in-game wagers, second half lines and much more!

Everything just a simple click away and available 24/7 all year long!

Risk Management Specialists

Host PPH's staff has over 100 years of combined line management experience making sure that the agent will always have access to the most favorable lines available. We work continuously to minimize your risks and maximize your profits, keeping track of the players’ movements and betting tendencies.


When you become a member of Host PPH you'll be eligible to receive up to 4 weeks of our per head services completely FREE of charge.

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