Security and Support

We will EXCEED our customer's expectations.

Security and Support


Our experienced staff has the right tools to back you up and make sure that nobody takes advantage of you. Our team’s effort, preparations and technological tools are second to none and you can make sure they will be working day and night to watch for your best interests.

We know that you can’t afford to lose any players due to service interruptions and that’s why our redundant wagering system protects all our mobile betting with a top-notch internet facility that relies on a solid infrastructure monitored by an experienced IT staff around the clock.

Our team of specialists is prepared to guide you with every aspect of your operation and address any concerns that may arise. They’re also friendly and easy to talk to, determined to help you and guide you each step of the way.


Pay per Head services offer call centers that allow your clients to bet over the phone and have access to English speaking customer services representatives. Our friendly staff will help both the players and the agents with any issue that may arise.

From managing your lines, or setting betting limits, to helping you detect betting trends that your clients are using against you, we’ll always be there watching your back .

Our team will be there for you 24/7 tracking the performance of your clients’ bets and checking if any of their tendencies is making you lose money and report it back to you.

As part of our concern for your well-being, if we detect that one of your clients is winning too much we can give you his tendencies so you can limit how much he can win and the type of bets and lines offered.

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