Player Management Tools

"What is measured, improves. Peter F. Drucker"

Player Management

Host PPH’s cutting-edge player management tools give you a crucial advantage to succeed and make money. The pay-per-head service includes tools that will help you manage your sportsbook, horseracing and online casino business.

Your players will be able to bet on sports, horseracing and casino games with a single account, thus making your job simple. Our software tracks, in real time and from any device, your players wagering activity, balances, winnings and losses.

You will be able to monitor, anytime and from anywhere, all the bets placed by the players either online or over the phone. When you want to review your players’ activity you will get all the details in a customized report.

Let our team of professionals help simplify your bookmaking business today.

Real Time Reporting

Host PPH allows the bookie to keep track of all the gamblers activity through customized reports that are easily accessible. The wide selection of reports offered by the software can adjust to the preference of each player giving you unlimited alternatives in real time. READ MORE

Customized Profiles

Host empowers our bookmaking agents with total control of player access, limits and betting options in the sportsbook, horseracing and casino software. We provide fully customizable player management and betting management solutions.

Risk Management

Host PPH's staff has over 100 years of combined line management experience making sure that the agent will always have access to the most favorable lines available. We work continuously to minimize your risks and maximize your profits, keeping track of the players’ movements and betting tendencies.

Messaging System

Our integrated messaging system is a confidential tool that allows you to send private messages and put notes in a player’s account that will be visible only to our wagering staff and customer service representatives. It connects bookies to their players and our offices helping them run a hassle-free business.

Host PPH respects our bookmaking agent’s privacy and confidentiality and will use private messages when is necessary to contact them.

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