Live betting

The ability to bet on sporting events as they happen. Live betting gets you right into the action!

Live Betting

Live betting provides an extra incentive for your betting clients and is now a must if you want to be considered a legitimate and serious bookie. It doesn’t matter if your clients are with their friends at a party or alone in their house, they can have the added bonus of betting on an ongoing event.

Online live betting was not so popular before because the sportsbooks didn’t have the technological tools to offer it, but now the industry has evolved prompting a massive growth of live betting. The advances now even allow your clients to bet on live events from a computer or even mobile devices.

With HostPPH live betting your clients will be able to bet on live sporting events from anywhere in the world as long as they have as they have a mobile device or access to the Internet.

Your clients can access live betting to bet on hundreds of sporting events happening all around the globe. Whether you prefer baseball, NFL Football or NBA basketball we have you covered providing live betting access to all of those events. It doesn’t matter if the game is in the first quarter, second half or the last three innings of a match, you clients can still make a bet and try their luck.

The excitement of live betting is also directly linked to the fact that the lines (spread, moneylines and total) change depending on how the game evolves. The decision making to read the game properly and bet at the right time in the game is crucial to live betting, as well the ability to place the bet in a matter of minutes.

Although the bettor may only have minutes or seconds to place a live bet, this kind of betting is very enticing for your clients as it allows them to spend more money to try and recover some cash after having placed bets they know will be losers.

As part of our concern for your well-being, if we detect that one of your clients is winning too much on live betting we can give you his tendencies and advise you on how to limit his options without removing his live betting privileges.

Live betting is only one of the many reasons as to why you should choose HostPPH for all you Pay Per Head needs.

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